The main scope for this paper is the proposal for the detection for the lost mobile phone. Each and every day over thousands of mobile phone gets misplaced and lost, though an effective way for the blocking of the lost mobile to prevent unwanted user has been done by the manufacturers of the mobile by usage of International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) has been done but however there has been no development or very little progress in this area to find the misplaced mobile phone. Our proposal has a look that appears little bit costlier while initial setup is done but however the cost is gradually reduced or cut down. Here the same IMEI number that has been used for blocking calls is utilized for the purpose of detection. The scope of this may look limited by various factors like weather, power.


One of the most interesting things about a cell phone is that it is really a radio, an extremely sophisticated radio, but a radio nonetheless. The cell phone through the mobile communication system is proved to be an advantageous method of communication in comparison to the wired communication, there is another problem that comes into the picture it is the mobile phones that get lost or gets misplaced. The losses are increasing day by day there has been very little effort that has been done to obtain the lost mobile phone. Our paper ‘Sniffer for Mobile Phones’ proposes a path for solving this problem. The IMEI number embedded in the mobile phone that has been used for blocking calls it effectively utilized for the purpose of detection.


The channel in the mobile communication refers to the frequency that is being used for the purpose of communication. Generally there are two types of channel in mobile communication. One of the channels is the traffic channel (physical channel) and the control channel. The physical channel is used for transmission of the voice data and the signaling information. The physical channel carry different message to be sent. These are called as the Logical channel.


When a MS is switched on the MS searches for the BTS, it scans the entire channel. It scans the list of entire frequency that is allotted to the service provider. It finds a strongest carrier it checks if it is a control channel. It does so by searching a particular logical channel called as Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH). The frequency carrying BCCH contains important information like LA identity, synchronization information and network identity. Without such information the MS cannot work in the network, the information is broadcast at regular intervals leading to Broadcast Control Channel (BCH). When the MS finishes analyzing the information in BCH, it then has the information to work with the network. However, if the MS roams to another cell, it must repeat the process of reading FCCH, SCH and BCH in the new cell. If the mobile subscriber then wishes to make or receive a call, the Common Control Channel (CCCH) must be used.


The Sniffer is a transceiver that works in the frequency, which is in the special unused range that is operated by the service provider. The working for the device is as follows. The figure 2 and 3 shows the working of the sniffer; the first one gives the normal connection of the lost mobile with the cellular network.
First the IMEI of the lost mobile phone number has to be reported to the service provider, who keeps in track of the record of lost mobile phones. Then the MTSO which keeps in track of all the mobile phones, their IMEI number, their location under which cell under which BTS.


The given paper dealt about the idea of development “Sniffer for detection of lost mobile phones” paves a way by means of which the lost mobile phones can be recovered. The design involved the following:
Design of sniffer base station; design a unidirectional antenna, development of software for tracking. Though this method appears a bit complex involving the design of sniffer but however for large scale detection the overall effective cost of the design and detection scales down. Though there are certain boundary conditions or criteria that have to be qualified for detection of lost mobile like power of mobile should good enough ,the mobile phone should not be in shadow region etc., but however this method can be improved this method can be improved by using modern technologies and devices.